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INHORGENTA MUNICH 2016: Convincing new trade show concept

February 15, 2016

Final report

Stable visitor figures
Great satisfaction among exhibitors and visitors
OPENING with prominent guests such as Nadja Auermann, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Ralf Bauer
Topic for the future in the focus

This year, a new trade show concept has lastingly strengthened INHORGENTA MUNICH in its position as one of the world’s leading trade shows of the watch and jewelry sector. Exhibitors and visitors agreed that above the stylishly designed “Timepieces” Hall A1, “Fine Jewelry” Hall B1 and “Contemporary Design & Vision” Halls C2 have reached their objectives. The visitors’ satisfaction is also reflected in the results of the survey conducted by Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung, a research institute specializing in trade shows). 92 percent of those surveyed gave excellent, very good or good ratings to the trade show’s new concept. Above all the consistent focus on the individual segments—watches in Hall A1, high-quality jewelry brands in Hall B1—has been convincing.

“We are extremely satisfied with the course of INHORGENTA MUNICH 2016, states Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München. Over the past months, we have invested a lot of commitment and creativity in the preparation of INHORGENTA MUNICH and intensely cooperated with exhibitors, visitors and partners. This constructive exchange has been fruitful. The new hall concepts, forums and accompanying events have convinced exhibitors and visitors alike. The mood at the trade show has been very positive, which shows us that we are on the right track. We are working on its further development for the next event even at his early stage.”

940 exhibitors from 33 countries took part in this year’s INHORGENTA MUNICH, among whom many new exhibitors and exhibitors who have come back to the trade show after a period of absence.

A brilliant start for the trade show: celebrities at the INHORGENTA OPENINIG
The 43rd INHORGENTA MUNICH started with an avant-garde event into the first trade show day. Hall B1 was an ideal stage for a jewelry and fashion show. Fine jewelry and watches of the exhibitors were presented to Europe’s most important jewelers under the leadership of style icon Nadja Auermann, model Cathy Hummels and her sister Vanessa Fischer as well as Ralf Bauer. Many celebrities could be seen among the audience, among whom the TV presenters Karen Webb, Funda Vanroy and Annemarie Carpendale. Subsequently, singer Lena Meyer-Landrut enthused the invited guests with a live concert at the INHORGENTA NIGHT at the Munich Club P1.

Stable visitor figures Stabile
From February 12 to 15, 2016, some 26,000 trade visitors from 75 countries came to the trade show to inform themselves about new products, trends and developments of the industry. The largest visitor groups (in this order) came from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain. Russia, China and Israel, among others, were represented. The number of decision-makers on the visitors’ side has clearly increased.

Professionals for professionals: a multifaceted Supporting Program provided important impetus Profis für Profis:
Within the scope of the 43rd INHORGENTA MUNICH, the Watch Innovation Forum in Hall A1 and the Web Campus in Hall C2 celebrated their premiere. Both platforms met with a lively response from the visitors. At the Watch Innovation Forum, the focus was on smartwatches and wearables. At the Web Campus, international experts gave trade visitors an introduction into the topics of e-commerce, multi-channel marketing as well as social media, and shed light on their significance for future successful competitiveness.

“With the Watch Innovation Forum and the Web Campus, we have picked up important topics that are relevant for the industry’s future”, states Messe Chief Klaus Dittrich. “As one of the leading international trade shows of the industry, INHORGENTA thinks “out of the box”, points to new challenges and communicates their solutions in order to offer all industry participants a sustainable added value. We have been very successful in this respect.“

The last day of the trade show offered a tailor-made program for young talents and professionals, which received an enthusiastic response from pupils and students. On the first INHORGENTA Career Day, companies, associations and further training centers provided information on the possibilities of entering a career or of setting up one’s own business. Moreover, they reported on further training opportunities and financing options.

“Exhibition Director Stefanie Mändlein is happy about the positive response received from both the exhibitors and the visitors: “The new trade show concept has been excellently received, the INHORGENTA OPENING met with a lively response and the events of the Supporting Program were much frequented. The great number of constructive talks during the trade show have proved us that INHORGENTA MUNICH is on the right track. In cooperative partnership with the industry, we will advance the trade show even further in the year to come.”

Exhibitor voices on INHORGENTA MUNICH 2016

Marc Czemper, Sales Manager, Casio Europe:
“The efforts undertaken by INHORGENTA MUNICH in order to make the trade show more attractive, have been clearly noticeable this year. The hall structure is clearer and attractive events complement the portfolio. In addition, we are very satisfied with the quality and frequency of the talks with German and Austrian specialized dealers. The Watch Innovation Forum has also convinced us. It is an important facility for rendering the topic of smartwatches more tangible to the retail trade. This way, the specialized dealers can directly experience the new technologies and, at the same time, we as exhibitors have the chance to present our innovative, smart watches.“

Nils Eckrodt, Managing Director, Coeur de Lion:
“For us, INHORGENTA MUNICH has been very successful. Even the first day of the trade show surpassed the previous years. Here in “Elegance & Lifestyle” Hall B2, the product ranges fit very well together. In addition, INHORGENTA MUNICH is the only German trade show for jewelry and watches which offers specialized dealers a suitable platform where they are free from any constraints exercised by groups to place their orders.“

Alexander Corolli, Managing Director, Al Coro:
“We have taken part in INHORGENTA MUNICH for the first time and we are very satisfied. We particularly like the good organization and the elegant design of Hall B1. We also find that the allocation of the booth spaces is favorable. At the HIGHLIGH JEWELRY SHOW, we were impressed by the expressive choreography.”

Adolfo Courrier, Managing Director, Adolfo Courrier:
“We have been very pleased with our participation in INHORGENTA MUNICH. Everything has worked out to our full satisfaction; in addition, we have been very impressed with the concept of Hall B1 and its new design.”

Bernd Keil, Sales Manager, Ehinger Schwarz 1876:
“The service of INHORGENTA MUNICH is great, we have received a very good support. Everything went perfectly during the setting up phase—everything worked smoothly. In addition, we felt very safe, which is due, among other things, to the reliable work of the security service.“

Isabelle Mössner, Managing Director, IsabelleFa:
“We are very happy about the new concept of INHORGENTA MUNICH. The quality of Hall B1 has noticeably increased and accordingly the national and international jewelers who attended our booth.“

Alexander Günter, Sales Manager FH, Fossil Group:
“We have perceived a very high visitor frequency at INHORGENTA MUNICH, which was also reflected in the extremely positive response from the dealers. Our concept as an information and representation booth harmoniously fits into the overall concept of Hall A1—all in all a very successful trade show presence for the Fossil Group.

Jörg Gellner, Managing Director, Gellner:
“We are very satisfied with the course and the outcome of INHORGENTA MUNICH 2016. Our presence in Munich is very important for us because we present our current collections here first. Our customers’ feedback has been positive once again this year. As in previous years, the collaboration with Messe München has been harmonious. We were particularly pleased with the fact that many suggestions on the part of the exhibitors of this year’s INHORGENTA MUNICH have been implemented, which further strengthens the trade show’s significance as the most important trade show for jewelry and watches.“

Bernd Willi Ripp, Managing Director, Groh + Ripp:
“We have been very sat-isfied with the result. We could serve customers of good quality. The other col-leagues from the precious stone segment were also very satisfied with the trade show. What we can report from all sides—the exhibitors’ and the visitors‘ side—is that everyone is very satisfied with the new Exhibition Director Stefanie Mändlein.

Martin Heinz, Managing Director, Jörg Heinz:
“We are very pleased that the new concept in B1 has been so excellently received. For us as exhibitors, this means a better atmosphere for purchasing and talks. In addition, the Supporting Program with the HIGHLIGHT JEWELRY SHOW has pleased us very much.”

Heiko Nölke, Managing Director, Henrich & Denzel:
“The new design of Hall B1 pleases us very much. It is clearly noticeable that INHORGENTA MUNICH is developing into the right direction. An even stronger focus on German jewelry manufactories would be desirable for the year to come.”

Loek Oprinsen, Managing Director, ILP-Group:
“This year, our participation in INHORGENTA MUNICH has been even more successful than last year and that is exactly what characterizes a successful trade show.”

Matthias Stotz, Managing Director, Uhrenfabrik Junghans:
“INHORGENTA MUNICH has managed to successfully implement a new concept in the watch exhibition hall A1. The value of the hall has not only surprised us positively but also our customers. We can be satisfied with the number of our exhibitors and the order situation during INHORGENTA MUNICH 2016.”

Hans Peter Langkilde, Country Manager, Lars Larsen Watches:
“We have participated in INHORGENTA MUNICH for the first time this year and we are very impressed by the good service and the steady contact on the part of the trade show organizers. We are also satisfied with the visitor and dealer frequency. The dealers’ interest in our brand and their preparedness to place orders were very strong already on the first day of the trade show.”

Fabian Meister, Managing Director, Meister:
“INHORGENTA MUNICH has always been a very important date during the year for us because we meet our long-term customers here. The restructuring of Hall B1 pleases us very much. In addition, we were delighted to find out that the trade show is once again very positively perceived by the dealers. We have also understood that INHORGENTA MUNICH wishes to change, and we feel that we are on the absolutely right track here.”

Maria Garcia López, Marketing Manager, Misani:
“We are exhibitors of INHORGENTA MUNICH because we would like to establish as many business contacts as possible with German dealers. We are delighted that we already could establish a great number of contacts here. Even international trade visitors came to our booth, which is of course also very important for Misani. Therefore, we can say for our brand that our participation in the trade show has definitely been worthwhile.”

Christian Schaffrath, Managing Director, Gebrüder Schaffrath:
“A lot of things have happened compared with last year. It is great that all the concepts planned during the run-up to the trade show have actually been implemented as planned. We were also very impressed with the HIGHLIGHT JEWELRY SHOW on the first evening of the trade show. We are in a very positive mood.“

Florian Anders, Managing Director, Anders Superbrands:
“Our participation in INHORGENTA MUNICH has been worthwhile, I was satisfied with my booth space; all important jewelers have visited us.”

Daniel Friede, Managing Director, TT Trendtime:
“INHORGENTA MUNICH is the perfect framework for TT Trendtime to present the new brands Henry London and V.O.S.T. Germany to the trade visitors. The frequency at our booth has been very good, and, of course, we are happy about that.”

Uwe Streb, Sales Director, TWC Group:
“We are very satisfied with our participation at this year’s INHORGENTA MUNICH. We have had very good talks and the feedback we have received from the specialized dealers has also been very positive. For TWC personally, it has been very important to present itself as a group with all the new brands. The new concept of “Timepieces” Hall A1 is on the right track. For the year to come, we hope that even more new brands will enrich the trade show.“

Frank Maier, Managing Shareholder, Leo Wittwer:
We are delighted about the successful new orientation of INHORGENTA MUNICH—especially Hall B1 is particularly well designed. The idea of the HIGHLIGHT JEWELRY SHOW as a new event concept has also been very well implemented. That’s the right direction—keep up the good work!”

Stephan Lindner, President of the Federal Association of Jewelers, Jewelry and Watch Retailers (Bundesverband der Juweliere, Schmuck- und Uhrenfachgeschäfte e.V. (BVJ)):
“The pulse of the industry could be felt in Munich during the last four days, and the generator has been INHORGENTA MUNICH. The trade show is on the right track again and enjoys high acceptance among the dealers. This strong interest on the part of the trade visitors and the presence of the top purchasers shows the event’s importance for the industry. From the viewpoint of the dealers, the exhibitors’ commitment has been fully worthwhile, and we are sure that the trade show will benefit from this success in the year to come.”

Photos for this press release

  • The rush of visitors on the first trade fair day—about 26,000 trade visitors from 75 countries visited INHORGENTA MUNICH on all four trade fair days

  • The INHORGENTA MUNICH 2016 started with the glamorous JEWELRY SHOW with top model Nadja Auermann—on the stage with actor Ralf Bauer, model Vanessa Fischer, Exhibition Director INHORGENTA MUNICH Stefanie Mändlein, Klaus Dittrich Chairman & CEO Messe München GmbH and model Cathy Hummels.

  • At the INHORGENTA JEWELRY SHOW high fashion by Talbot Runhof was presented combined with exclusive jewelry.

  • Visitors and exhibitors alike had the chance to relax from a busy trade fair day at one of the INHORGENTA MUNICH after-work parties.