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LOPEC 2015: Participant statements

March 9, 2015

Andreas Enzler, Sales Manager, Erhardt + Leimer, Germany
“We are a new exhibitor, and for us, LOPEC is a very important platform for a growing market. It is ideal for making new partners and customers. And the conference is the perfect place to get the latest information about the new developments and potential applications for OLEDs.”

Stan Farnsworth, Vice President Marketing, NovaCentrix, USA
“LOPEC is the premier printed electronics event in Europe and one of the top events in the world as it is the premier technical and scientific event for printed electronics worldwide. It is a critical gathering for learning and exchanging ideas that pertain to all applications using related technologies. Material providers, equipment manufacturers and process engineering come together to propel the industry forward.”

Peter Fischer, Business Conference Chair of LOPEC and Chief Product Officer, Thinfilm Electronics ASA, Norway
“The LOPEC is the biggest and most condensed show for the printed electronics industry. It combines all the crucial elements to grow this emerging field and gives guidance to all participants.”

Steffen Holtwick, Business Development Manager, Cynora, Germany
“The LOPEC conference and exhibition are one of the leading international events for organic and printed electronics. LOPEC is very well attended and offers plenty of opportunities for holding interesting discussions and initiating joint ventures. All in all, the conference program provides well balanced contributions from science and industry and illustrates the state of the art in printed and organic electronics.”

Joachim Humpfer, Sales Director, IBS Precision Engineering, Germany
“We made plenty of contacts and met with potential new customers at LOPEC. I'm sure we'll be back again in 2016!”

Thomas S. Knutsen, Marketing Manager, Thinfilm Electronics ASA, Norway
“LOPEC is an important event both in Europe and internationally. We have seen continued growth in the quality and quantity of attendees and exhibitors. The conference is a key event for discovering the technology, suppliers and companies in the field. Key topics included mobile interaction, smart products for packaging and the Internet of Everything.”

Dr. Michael Korell, Vice President, Evonik Industries, Germany
“The exhibition gives attendees a good overview of the state of the art in printed electronics. The conference gives the various application sectors a forum where they can present their requirements. That is crucial for ongoing market development. The step from prototype to stabile commercial product is a significant one.”

Yauaki Koseki, Senior Coordinator of New Business Planning Department, TOYOBO, Japan
“LOPEC focuses on printed electronics, so it is important for us to see what is going on and to exchange information. The conferences give us access to a great deal of information from a technical, scientific and business point of view. Wearable technology and real business in particular are establishing themselves little by little.”

Giles Lloyd, Head of Strategic Marketing, Merck Chemicals Ltd., Great Britain
“LOPEC is very important and the leading exhibition for the printed electronics industry. There are plenty of networking opportunities, and the conference complements the exhibition nicely.”

Dr. Marc Lünnemann, CEO, Osram OLED GmbH, Germany
“The large variety of topics including everything from materials, processes and the challenges facing various applications allows cross-industry interaction, which is very fruitful. Key topics included industrialization and commercialization, i.e. the transition from proof of concept and prototypes to series production including upscaling. Another main topic was application orientation and system integration including the use of specific encapsulation techniques to improve the stability of systems and packages against environmental influences.”

Eldal Pragan, Vice President Business Development, PV Nanocell Ltd., Israel
“For our start-up, the LOPEC exhibition and conference are important tools because they allow us to make progress at getting connected.”

Frank Schäfer, Sales Director, KROENERT, Germany
“LOPEC is the most important show in Europe. The key topics included applications, Internet of things and the production of printed electronics.”

Ad Scheepers, Director Sales Industry Sectore Electronics & Manufacturing Technologies, Bosch Rexroth, Germany
“The exhibition promotes progress by sharing numerous innovative applications. During the last year, we have seen how processes and manufacturing technologies continue to mature. The conference is very important for exchanging market information and networking. Key topics included manufacturing technologies and how to upscale production and reduce time to market. These objectives can be realized using virtual commissioning and by simulating machine processes.”

Dr. Gordon Smith, CTO, GSI Technologies, USA
“The exhibition has been a very important platform for assembling the building blocks of the printed electronics value chain. The conference has been very successful at raising awareness about printed electronics among end users.”

Takao Someya, Professor, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, Japan
“We can touch and directly feel the promise and reality of printed and flexible electronics at the LOPEC exhibition. This is truly a multidisciplinary field, and LOPEC allows us to collect the latest information about this diverse sector at a single location.”

Hanna Venäläinen, Marketing and Communications Manager, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
“LOPEC is a good chance to meet partners, customers and potential customers in the printed electronics industry. In our opinion, ‘Health and Well-being’ and ‘Wearable and Stretchable Electronics’ are the key topics at LOPEC 2015.”

Dr. Hiroshi Yakabe, New Business Development & Planning Department, ZEON Corporation, Japan
“This is our second time at LOPEC, and it is easy to collect information about printed electronics here. Health is this year's key topic.”