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INHORGENTA MUNICH 2015: Positive Impulses for the Industry

February 26, 2015

Final report

• Exhibitors very satisfied with the high level of orders

• High quality of the trade visitors

• International mix of the visitors has increased

This year, the 42nd INHORGENTA MUNICH has shown again that it is an important order and communication platform for manufacturers and specialist dealers. 1,055 exhibitors from 40 countries presented their new products in the period from 20 to 23 February. Many of them expressed how extremely satisfied they were with the course of the trade show and praised the high quality of the trade visitors and the good level of orders. As for example Frank Maier, Managing Director at Leo Wittwer, who states: “We have had a very good frequency of international trade visitors and good sales in Hall B2.”

Klaus Dittrich, Chairman of the Board of Management of Messe München GmbH, is also very satisfied: “Despite the tense situation in the industry, the trade show was characterized by a very positive mood. The numerous orders that were placed show that INHORGENTA MUNICH continues to be the most important platform for good business.”

Albert Ruppenthal, Managing Director of Ruppenthal, joins in on this opinion: “We are delighted about the high-quality trade audience which is even better than in the past years. You really do not have the force anybody, the people are prepared to buy.”

The majority of the 233 new exhibitors announced already during the trade show that they would participate again in the 2016. In total, over 26,000 visitors from more than 75 countries came to Munich in order to gather information about new products, trends and developments of the industry. About one third of the visitors travelled to Munich from abroad. The most strongly represented countries (in the following sequence) were, among others, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The visitors’ satisfaction is also reflected in the results of the survey conducted by the trade show market research institute Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung: 94 percent of the respondents rated INHORGENTA MUNICH as excellent, very good or good. Primarily the atmosphere in the halls and the high-quality ambiance were unanimously given a very good evaluation by the visitors of the trade show.

In addition, INHORGENTA MUNICH has given fresh impetus to the industry with the Inspiration Lab, which has taken place for the second time this year. Besides the focal subject “Made in Germany”, a further focus was on wearable technologies, intelligent jewelry objects and watches as well as interactive fashion and accessories. The Smartwatch Forum and the Seminar Program presented the watch of the future. In addition, the latest developments of the 3D printing technology as well as one of the first 3D body scanners worldwide were presented.

As at previous editions, the trade show offered a springboard for many young international artists and young talented designers in Hall C2, where they had the occasion to present their collections to a wide audience.

The next INHORGENTA MUNICH will be held from 12 to 15 February 2016 at the exhibition grounds of Messe München.

Exhibitor Voices of INHORGENTA MUNICH 2015 (listed alphabetically by the exhibitors' names)

Angela Hübel, owner, Angela Hübel:
"We will celebrate our 25th anniversary next year. We have taken part in the trade show for 24 years now and are very satisfied. We have made our appointments with customers who visit us at our booth here already during the run-up to the show. INHORGENTA MUNICH is a very important trade show for us, and such an event is the best opportunity to create a discussion platform for manufacturers and jewelers."

Kay Christian Hillmann, Managing Director, bastian inverun:
"We have had our booth in Hall B2 again this year and are very satisfied with our space. All in all, the course of the show has been positive for us and the number and quality of customers from Europe who contacted us at our booth was good.

Daniel Schnelle, Managing Director, CARL SCHAEFER:
"We are satisfied and could generate good contacts. Customers from Europe are very important for us, but we also have had the opportunity to welcome customers from Hong Kong, for example. I particularly like the Events Program with its wide variety of topics, which was always well attended."

Marc Czemper, Sales Manager, CASIO:
"We are satisfied with the customer frequency and the quality of the talks at this year's INHORGENTA MUNICH. Our focus is on specialist dealers from Germany and Austria. Our highlight for this year, a watch with a smart function, offers the wearers additional features they can operate using their smart phones. Here, we see a strong interest on the part of the dealers and the press.
One can feel that the trade show is on its way to face the critical situation. INHORGENTA MUNICH has been a meeting point for the specialist trade, the industry and the press for decades and in our opinion it is a very important institution which should by all means be preserved.“

Nils Eckrodt, Managing Director, Coeur de Lion:
"We take advantage of INHORGENTA MUNICH primarily as an order platform. Both trend and classic jewelers have already placed their orders and we could generate a few new contacts. One year ago, there still was a more buzzing atmosphere, but we could generate more contacts in 2015 – we are satisfied.”

Julia Kramer, Marketing and Communications, Degussa:
"This is the first time that we have participated INHORGENTA MUNICH as exhibitors. On the whole, we feel that the mood has been very positive and we are satisfied. We have been able to conduct interesting professional talks and to note down ideas and wishes, and we consider this exchange as a suggestion as to how to extend our offers accordingly."

Anke Schmidt and Frank Heringer, Managing Shareholders, Diamond Group:
"Our presence at this year's INHORGENTA MUNICH has been enormously successful. Our new sales platform, the Sushi Band, has met with a very good response from the jewelers, and the visitor frequency at our booth has been much higher than last year. In the genuine jewelry segment, trade visitors are almost desperately looking for quality at a reasonable price, and that is what we have implemented in our product policy."

Guido Abeler, Managing Director, Engelkemper:
"The composition of Hall A1 is harmonious and well accepted by the customers. We are satisfied with the visitor frequency and the international mix. INHORGENTA MUNICH is the trade show number one for the German jeweler and a good start into the business year."

Andreas Ernst, Managing Director, ERNSTES DESIGN:
"The visitor frequency at our booth is good, and our new creations have met with a very favorable response. As a result, we also could gain new customers – we are delighted about this, and also about the international business we could do."

Bernd Willi Ripp, Managing Director, GROH+RIPP:
"All in all, we are very satisfied with the course of INHORGENTA MUNICH.

Loek Oprinsen, Managing Director, ILP Group:
"This is the first time that we participate in INHORGENTA MUNICH as exhibitors and our expectations have been fully met. The organization is very good, and we could generate new customers."

Hans-Georg Mössner, Managing Director, IsabelleFa GmbH:
"Even the first day of the trade show had a very positive outcome for us – this has been a surprise because Fridays are more likely to be calm. We mainly meet long-standing partners at INHORGENTA MUNICH. In the past years, the trade show's visitor frequency was not so high; here, we see a positive trend this year. The Exhibition Management has done very good preparatory work: there are more V.I.P. customers at the trade show. We are also pleased by the trade show's very balanced program."

Matthias Stotz, Managing Director, Uhrenfabrik Junghans:
“We have been able to welcome many important German specialist dealers and also had good appointments. Our greatest wish is that INHORGENTA MUNICH will succeed in being so attractive in the future, too, in order to ensure that the specialist trade’s major partners attend the fair.”

Stephan Koch, Owner, Stephan Koch, Gold & Silber / Drehvitrinen:
“This is the fourth time that we participate in the trade show and we have clearly increased the size of our booth. We have met with a positive response from our customers who specifically came to visit us. We have also received the jewelers’ feedback.”„Wir sind dieses Jahr zum vierten Mal dabei und haben unseren Stand deutlich vergrößert. Es gab eine gute Resonanz unserer Kunden, die gezielt zu uns gekommen sind. Wir haben auch das Feedback von den Juwelieren erhalten, dass die INHORGENTA MUNICH eine wichtige Plattform ist – viele wurden durch die Vorberichterstattung animiert auf die Messe zu kommen. Ich als Aussteller war mit der Organisation, technisch wie menschlich, mit dem gesamten Team der INHORGENTA MUNICH sehr zufrieden und freue mich schon auf 2016.“

Frank Maier, Managing Director, Leo Wittwer:
"We have had a very good frequency in Hall B1 and could realize good sales. We also have had a vivid exchange with international customers, mainly from Belgium, England and Scandinavia. The ambiance is very pleasant, the Seminar Program is absolutely diverse and interesting, and we are particularly pleased with the Inspiration Lab – a really impressive arrangement.“

Guillaume Rioux, Sales Director, MARCEL ROBBEZ MASSON:
"Although 2015 is the first time that we participate INHORGENTA MUNICH, we have been able to establish a very great number of valuable contacts. Moreover, we are particularly delighted about the frequency of the international audience.”

Amanuel Sara, Sales Manager, MARRYA:
“We have had many impressions and interesting talks and are satisfied with our first participation in INHORGENTA MUNICH as exhibitors. The trade show is a good opportunity to advertise for our brand and to establish customer contacts – we want to participate again in 2016.”„Mit vielen Eindrücken und interessanten Gesprächen, sind wir mit unserem ersten Besuch auf der INHORGENTA MUNICH zufrieden. Die Messe ist eine gute Möglichkeit für unsere Marke zu werben und Kundenkontakte aufzubauen – wir wollen auch 2016 wieder dabei sein.“

Gerhard J. Franz, Sales Manager, Pequignet:
“Already during the run-up to the show, we felt very much at ease with the assistance we received from INHORGENTA MUNICH. For the last time, we were represented at the trade show more than ten years ago and have returned in 2015, after a long break, and are very delighted about the ambiance. The friendliness of the visitors and the trade show staff have attracted our attention in a particularly positive way. To be seen is generally very important for us. The customer frequency has been good and the specialist dealers are very interested. And INHORGENTA MUNICH offers a good platform for a qualitative exchange.”

Paolo Trapani, Export Manager, Roth Perlen:
“The outcome of our first participation in INHORGENTA MUNICH as exhibitors has been very positive for us. We have been able to reach our objective of winning new customers. We are already looking forward to next year’s edition.”

Albert Ruppenthal, Managing Director, Ruppenthal:
“We are really very satisfied with our participation in the trade show. We have been taking part in INHORGENTA MUNICH as exhibitors for more than 42 years now, and I can say that it is probably our best trade show. We are very satisfied with the hall space that has been allocated to us – we are delighted about the high quality of the trade audience, which is even better than in the past years. You really do not have the force anybody, the people are prepared to buy.”„Wir sind wirklich sehr zufrieden mit unserem Messebesuch. Seit 42 Jahren sind wir nun auf der INHORGENTA MUNICH dabei und ich kann sagen, dass das voraussichtlich unsere beste Messe ist. Mit der Hallenplatzierung sind wir sehr zufrieden – wir freuen uns über das qualitativ hochwertige Fachpublikum, das noch besser ist, als in den letzten Jahren. Man muss wirklich niemanden zwingen, die Leute kaufen.“

Till Schoeffel, Managing Director, Schoeffel:
“INHORGENTA MUNICH is for us the most significant trade show in the Northern European world of jewelry. As an important meeting point for the industry for retail traders and central information basis, this trade show is an essential date for us. The outcome of INHORGENTA MUNICH corresponds to our expectations and we look forward to coming back next year.“

David Guerrieri, Export Manager, SILVEX Italy:
“The organization of INHORGENTA MUNICH is really very good – as we have expected it. This is the first time that we participate in the trade show and we intend to test the German market and to become more familiar with it. Since we we take part in trade shows around the globe, we can say that INHORGENTA MUNICH has a very high level.”„Die Organisation der INHORGENTA MUNICH ist wirklich sehr gut – wie wir es erwartet haben. Wir sind zum ersten Mal auf der Messe dabei, um den deutschen Mark zu testen und besser kennenzulernen. Da wir weltweit auf Messen unterwegs sind, können wir sagen, dass die INHORGENTA MUNICH ein sehr hohes Niveau hat.“