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Exhibitor statements – BAU 2015

January 24, 2015

Exhibitor statements

Dieter Schäfer, Chairman of the Advisory Board of BAU and Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG, Germany: “BAU 2015 was a resounding success. The quality and international spectrum among the visitors have once again increased. The exhibitors presented their products at superbly designed and highly functional stands. Also the supporting program with forums and special shows, tailored specifically to the needs of trade visitors, was perfectly integrated into the show, in my opinion. BAU has therefore put in an impressive demonstration of why it bears the title, World´s Leading Trade Fair. The positive economic outlook for the building industry has certainly contributed to the success of this show and of course finally the weather also played its part.”

Martin Hörmann, Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board of BAU, personally liable partner, Hörmann KG, Germany: “Once again we are very pleased with the show. There was a great atmosphere at our stand, everybody was enthusiastic. Visitor footfall—from Germany and abroad—was even higher than two years ago. From the countries where we have a presence through sales companies, we received many groups of distributors, above all from neighboring states and Russia. In all areas—wooden internal doors, industrial gates, fireproof components—we presented new products and these generated a lot of interest.”

Claudia Coy, Field Marketing Manager AEC/ENI DACH, Autodesk GmbH, Germany: “The top theme this year was BIM. The demand here was tremendous. As an internationally structured company, we welcomed customers from all over the world at our stand, including from India, Singapore and the Emirates. Overall BAU attracted another big increase in visitors.”

Anthony Milling, Managing Director, Aquabocci, Italy: “BAU 2015 provides a fantastic opportunity to present our product palette to an international audience. We welcomed visitors from all parts of the world at our stand and we are now looking forward to taking part in BAU 2017.”

Dr. Roger Schlim, Chairman, bauforumstahl and a member of the Group Management, Salzgitter AG, Germany: “BAU again offered an ideal opportunity to talk to customers and building partners and to discuss future building trends. It´s great to see just how many creative ideas the building sector is generating. From the first day onwards we were very pleased with the response from the trade visitors, and over the course of the show, the numbers just kept rising and rising, and we were able to pave the way for promising new projects. The lecture campus held at our joint stand also attracted a lot of interest. The overall mood as seen at the fair is good, and this promises a boost for business in the coming year.”

Dr.-Ing Heinrich Schroeter, President of the Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers, Germany: “Our Engineering Day has a long tradition at BAU—we have been holding it here since 1993. And this year, for the first time, we had over 1000 registered participants. Each participant also gets an entrance ticket to BAU, to whet their appetite for a visit to the fair. BAU might traditionally have its eyes more on the architects, but there are many construction engineers here too, presenting and explaining the materials to the architects. The engineers focus less on the aesthetic aspects and more on the inner qualities of the materials.”

Ulrich Nolting, Managing Director BetonMarketing, Germany: “With our partner concept we were again able to present many innovations in sustainable building with concrete to the trade visitors. In talks with the trade audience it again became clear to us that BAU appeals precisely to our target group and as such it offers the perfect platform for communication and information. No other kind of marketing gives us access to such a concentration of architects, planners and architects. For us the show was a tremendous event, and a great success. We are looking forward to BAU 2017.”

Bernard Gualdi, Head of Corporate Communication, Braas GmbH, Germany: “We are again very pleased with how this year´s BAU went. In particular we were delighted with the huge surge of visitors, right from the first day. Only a few minutes after the opening, Hall A3 was humming, and our stand was filling up with visitors. On the other days, too, we also had crowds of visitors at our stand. In comparison to BAU 2013 the number of visitors to our stand rose significantly once again. The quality of the visitors was also very good, that was evidenced by the many in-depth talks we had at the show. We had excellent feedback from our visitors. In particular as regards the products that we were presenting for the first time at BAU. From our point of view, the show was a big success. We will of course be back again at the next BAU—this show has long been a firm component in our marketing mix. And nothing will change on that in the coming years.”

Dr. Flavio Marabelli, Honorary President, CONFIDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE, Assomarmomacchine, Italy: “For the companies exhibiting from the Italian stone industry, BAU offers a unique platform for targeting new customers. The excellent reputation of the show and the broad international spectrum among the visitors are a key advantage. BAU 2015 was a very positive experience, one that we would like to repeat in 2017.”

Gary Dean, Managing Director Europe, C.R. Laurence, United Kingdom: “For our company BAU is very important as every time it attracts such a large number of companies and visitors from the German building industry. This is a very important area for us and we were able to make hundreds of new contacts. Our products attracted great interest. A particular highlight was the very high number of visitors in the exhibition halls. We will definitely take part again in BAU in 2017.”

Thomas Wagner, CEO, DORMA, Germany: “At BAU 2013 we presented our innovations concepts. And now at BAU 2015 we delivered—specifically a total of six new and sales-ready products. The response was in every way overwhelming. BAU 2015 is an ideal platform for starting our innovations campaign. Already by the end of day four, we had gathered just on ten percent more leads than we had during the event in 2013. The proportion of international visitors also was significantly higher. Almost 50 percent of the visitors to our stand came from abroad. For us BAU was an out and out success. We are already looking forward to BAU 2017!”

Martin Möllmann, Director, Dyckerhoff, Germany: “We have been at BAU from the very first event in 1964, but this BAU was better than any of the other events so far. Right from the start things were very busy and it stayed like that all the time. Each day was a record-breaker. There was a further strong increase in the number of visitors, from Germany as well as from abroad. We had very many visitors from Asia at our stand, and the Arab countries; all came to find out about our special cements from the architects and specialist planners. Customers from the Emsland and Westerwald in Germany also made their way to us in Munich, many of them coming down on the spur of the moment by car. What we are noticing is that there is more emphasis on a mix of materials. Concrete is combined with wood, for example, and it is developing from a construction material more and more into a designer building material.”

Jürgen Klenke, Head of Sales D/A/CH, Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG, Germany: “The mood at BAU this year was positive across the board. For us BAU is the most important trade-fair platform because this is where we can present ourselves to our customers and partners as a system supplier, advising them on acquisitions, planning and construction. What was also particularly pleasing this year was that such a high proportion of our export customers from abroad came along to the show.”

Flexbrick, Jaume Colom, Architect, Spain: “We are exhibiting for the first time at BAU, to raise our international profile. Our expectations of the show were met in full. We had many international visitors at our stand, among them architects and project developers. In 2017 we will be back again.”

Andrea Alexandra Alber, Managing Director Strategy & Marketing, GEZE, Germany: “We go to many trade fairs, but BAU is and continues to be the most important event for us. We were able to record a double-digit percentage increase in visitor numbers to our stand. People are in a good mood, all are very focused and motivated. The talks we had were as a result very professional and informative. BAU was an excellent start to the 2015 business year—we want things to continue in this vein. And in 2017 we will of course be back here again.”

Dominic van den Bossche, Managing Director, Joriside, Belgium: “It was a very good event, well organized. BAU offers great opportunities for presenting your company and showcasing new products. We will of course be taking part again in 2017.”

Werner Freialdenhoven, GKD-Gebr. Kufferath AG, Germany: “Compared to past years, we saw a further increase in the international trade audience. The new product and system innovations—from colored textiles to roller blinds and ceilings—attracted great interest. In particular the visitors liked our solar-shading solutions. Which is why we see BAU 2015 as a confirmation of our product strategy and a motivation to further expand this.”

Holger Kreienbrink, Head of Product Management DACH, Graphisoft Deutschland GmbH, Germany: “We are entirely satisfied with our presentation at BAU 2015. Looking back to the previous events, the number of visitors has increased yet again. What struck us in particular was the high quality of the visitors—we only had trade visitors at our stand, and many of them were interested in BIM. In 2017 we will certainly be back again.”

Scott Lee, Marketing Director, GUANGDONG FENGLU ALUMINIUM CO., LTD., China: “BAU was a great success for us. At our stand we welcomed visitors from Spain, Turkey, Russia, Germany, France, India and many other countries. We were positively surprised by the quality of the talks we had and by the fact that these led direct to business deals. We will definitely be back in 2017 and we will be spreading the word about BAU in China.”

Juan Liu, General Manager Export Dept., GUANGDONG WINTO CERAMICS CO., LTD., China: “We were very pleased to secure a bigger stand this year. This was also very necessary when you look at the number of visitors we had at our stand. We had lots of good talks, all of a high quality. It was also important for us to see at BAU just where the market is developing. We were able to gather lots of information and will be taking this back to China. BAU 2017 remains for us a must.”

Steven Lu, Sales Manager, GUOYAO ALUMINIUM CO., LTD., China: “We made lots of new contacts at BAU as well as meeting up with existing customers. At our stand we talked to many visitors from Europe, in particular from Germany, France, Norway and Italy. But we also welcomed visitors from Korea. BAU remains for us one of the most important trade fairs that we attend, and it will be in our trade-fair calendar again in 2017.”

Mert Yilmaz, Sales Executive, Kale Kilit ve Kalip Sanayii A.S., Turkey: “Our stand was very well located this year. We are highly satisfied with how BAU went. For us BAU is the international trade fair that we simply have to attend, and that was confirmed again this year in the high number of visitors. We had many international visitors from Spain, England Italy and also India at our stand, and were able to hold successful business talks with a wide variety of different companies. For us, it´s clear that we will definitely be lining up at the start of the next BAU in 2017.”

Dr. Uwe Gruber, Managing Director, MAPEI GmbH, Germany: “For our international company BAU is certainly one of the most important trade fairs worldwide. This event provides us with a special opportunity to meet and talk to our wide and varied target groups all in one venue. The highlight in 2015 is above all the number of visitors and the very high footfall at our stand. Also notable was the increasing international spectrum among the audience—this year we saw an increase in visitors from Eastern Europe and Asia coming to Munich. The mood at the show was positive across the board and we will be happy to come back to BAU in 2017.”

Peter Kuipers, Managing Director, mFLOR International-BV, Netherlands: “In 2015 BAU was once again a great success for mFLOR. The impressive breadth of different professional groups and nationalities that were represented here again ensured a positive and dynamic mood at the show. BAU is an important component in our marketing mix and we will definitely be represented here again in 2017.”

Clemens Bierig, Managing Director, PCI Augsburg GmbH, Germany: “We are highly satisfied with the show this year. The very first day was extremely strong. The crowds at the fair are getting bigger and bigger and we noticed that there was in particular a higher proportion of visitors from Eastern Europe. In addition the quality of the visitors was very high—many real professionals were here. For us BAU in Munich is a key platform, an important trade fair for us. In terms of quality and quantity BAU this year will turn out to be better for us than 2013.”

Jan Van Moerkerke, International Sales Manager, RENSON, Belgium: “BAU is for RENSON one of the most important trade fairs. Here we can show our new products and concepts to a wide audience. It´s noticeable that the trade fair is becoming more and more international. We use BAU above all as a way of raising our profile in our exporting countries.”

Michael Wiessner, Director Sales and Marketing, Saint-Gobain Isover, Germany: “For SAINT-GOBAIN ISOVER, BAU 2015 was an outright success. The special attraction this year was that BAU marks the start of our celebrations in Germany for the 350th anniversary of Saint-Gobain, and CEO Pierre André de Chalendar came along to mark the occasion. Our presentation at the show was aimed primarily at a trade audience from the specialist suppliers, the building trades and planning. One of the products we spotlighted was the high-performance mineral wool ULTIMATE: ISOVER, an innovation in that it is the first mineral wool worldwide with a melting point of 1000°C and "Eurofins Indoor Aircomfort Gold" certification. It offers a further improvement in the indoor environment in terms of comfort and safety for the occupants. The new ISOVER rigid-foam roof insulation panels and glass wool attracted great interest from the visitors to the trade fair. From day one we were positively surprised by the high number of visitors. For ISOVER BAU is the most interesting communication point for the building sector in Germany and Europe. We hope that as much as possible of the euphoria that we have felt at this year´s BAU will then be reflected in our day-to-day business.”

Mesut Akyapak, Commercial Manager, Sanpark – Sanmak Makina, Turkey: “BAU 2015 was superbly organized from start to finish. We are very satisfied with the way it all went. We had significantly more visitors at our stand than in 2013 and have generated new leads, in particular from countries in which we have so far had no contacts. In particular we liked the professionalism and the specific areas represented among the visitors. BAU is the best international building trade fair for us and we will be here again with a stand in 2017.”

Thomas Lauritzen, Head of Corporate Coordination, Schüco International KG, Germany: “For Schüco this was the best BAU so far. The response was overwhelming. We had double-digit increases in all areas—as regards the number of visitors from Germany as well as from abroad, and in particular among the architects. The number of visitors that we welcomed from outside Europe even doubled. That is due above all to the strong increases from China, Russia and Turkey. The status of BAU as the world´s leading trade fair for the sector has been further confirmed with this event. BAU is to the building sector what the International Motor Show (IAA) is to the automotive industry. The international coverage at BAU is unique.”

Francesco Bigoni, Sales Director Scrigno SPA, Italy: “BAU is certainly the most important European trade fair for construction, and for Scrigno it offers an excellent opportunity for opening up new markets. We were able to make our products accessible not only to the German trade audience, but also to an international one, and we were able to forge many new and promising contacts. Because of this positive result, we will be happy to come back again to BAU next time.”

Katérina Rysánkovà, Manager for the German market, Solara GmbH, Czech Republic: “As an exhibitor of long standing, we were delighted with this year´s BAU. The interest in our products is very high, and we were again able to present some new products at this show. BAU for us is a must—it is the only trade fair at which we regularly exhibit. So we are already looking forward to BAU 2017!”

Andreas Wilbrand, Managing Director, Sopro Bauchemie GmbH, Germany: “In talks with our customers ahead of the show, we got the impression they didn´t think a visit to BAU would be worthwhile for them this year. But BAU 2015 taught us the exact opposite. The surge of visitors at our stand was sometimes so strong that we almost reached capacity and although at peak times we had over 100 people from our company at the fair, we couldn´t always cope with the demand. The very broad international spectrum among the visitors was particularly noteworthy. The number of visitors from eastern and southeastern Europe rose again enormously. I can already say that we will not be giving up a single square meter of space next time, but instead would like to add a third storey, if that is at all possible. BAU 2015 lived up to its reputation as the world´s leading fair for the industry and it exceeded all of our expectations.”

Rolf Wohllaib, Head of Marketing Germany, Sto SE & Co. KGaA, Germany: “The turnstiles had only been open a few minutes and our stand was full of people. We were very happy. The move of the chemical building products section to Hall A6 and the stand switch this brought with it for Sto worked very well this year: The visitors found their way to us quickly. BAU is not called the world´s leading trade fair for architecture without reason: At our stand we welcomed not only architects, but also architecture students and professors. We were also able to forge good contacts to many building firms, even from the Hamburg area. The two-year cycle of BAU fits in very well with our innovation cycles. That´s why BAU will be a must for Sto again in 2017.”

Ivo Schintz, Vice President Central Europe and General Manager, Tarkett, Germany: “We noticed an increase in both the quality and the quantity of visitors this year. The visitors are also from a broader international spectrum: We had more contacts especially in the neighboring countries of Austria and Switzerland, and the Middle East and Russia. In the focuses we set for the show, we reflected one of the key themes at BAU: "Buildings and Users". For Tarkett sustainability, design and also a pleasant indoor environment play a very important role. We were delighted also with the increased demand for luxury vinyl tiles.”

Markus Blum, Managing Director Xella Deutschland GmbH, Germany: “The great response we had to the Xella stand exceeded all expectations. We had considerably more trade visitors than two years ago. This high level of interest shows us that we focused on the right themes at BAU 2015. Architects and planners came to Xella in particular to find out about solutions for multi-storey building with Ytong aerated concrete and about the new wall-building material Ytong Energy+ for energy-efficient single-family houses. The processors were greatly interested in the low-dust Ytong Silka mortar pellets which significantly reduce the occurrence of fine-particle dust on the building site. A special focus, too, was on the non-combustible Multipor compound insulation system. Our stand was very well received, and we again proved that we are a pacemaker and innovations driver in masonry construction. That makes us very proud. So, it´s goodbye till the next BAU in 2017!”

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