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June 27, 2016

  • • New trade-fair center nearing completion
  • • Sales to top EUR 400 million mark for first time
  • • Foreign sales increase to 20 percent

The groundbreaking ceremony for two new halls marks the final step toward completion of the new trade-fair center in Munich-Riem. The year 2016 got off to a good start with record-breaking results for the leading international trade fairs ISPO MUNICH, bauma and IFAT. Messe München CEO Klaus Dittrich expects record sales of more than EUR 400 million this year.

"When Messe München relocated to the new trade-fair center in 1998, it began moving in a new direction that we can all be proud of," said Klaus Dittrich, Chairman/CEO of Messe München. "Munich is now one of the most important exhibition venues." Messe München is responding to constantly increasing demand from exhibitors and organizers of guest events by building two new halls and an additional conference center. They will cost an estimated EUR 105.8 million, which Messe München is financing on its own. It will also mark the completion of the trade-fair center. The new trade-fair center in Riem opened in 1998 with twelve halls and the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München. In two subsequent phases of construction, it was expanded by adding four halls. The addition of two final halls will complete the original plans. Once they are finished in 2018, Messe München will have a total of 18 halls with 200,000 square meters of exhibition space and some 400,000 square meters of outdoor space available. The total cost of all phases of construction is approximately EUR 1.58 billion.

2016 a strong year
So far, 2016 has been a very successful year. Klaus Dittrich: "We are very satisfied." The thing that makes this such a strong year for fairs and exhibitions is that three of the company's largest events, i.e. ISPO MUNICH, bauma and the environmental technology show IFAT, are in 2016. ISPO MUNICH set a new record with 2,645 exhibitors, and bauma saw record-breaking attendance with 585,000 visitors as well. IFAT also set new standards as it celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The company's foreign trade fairs also continued to develop positively. The share of sales that they account for has increased by 50 percent during the past five years.

All location-related factors in the convention capital are in place
"The convention sector in Munich has also been in the midst of a boom for several years," explains Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy CEO of Messe München. International medical associations return to Munich time and again. Dr. Pfeiffer: "This excellent reputation is not without reason, because all the location-related factors are in place here." EAU, the international urology congress with 12,000 participants, was held at the ICM in March. And the EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) is holding its annual meeting with 15,000 participants here in September.

Successful results in 2015
Messe München is following up on the successful year that is had in 2015 by once again growing at a faster rate than the average for trade-fair venues in Germany. More than 1.9 million visitors (up 2.5 percent) and some 34,000 exhibitors (up 2.3 percent) participated in its events. In addition, a total of 206 guest events were held in Munich. Messe München itself held 13 of its own trade fairs at home and 17 abroad. The crowning conclusion to the year 2015 was purchasing the construction equipment show CTT in Moscow. It is the largest trade show in Russia and the largest acquisition in the company's history.

Group sales totaled EUR 277.4 million. Earnings before interest, taxes and expenses (EBITDA) was EUR 83.6 million. Dr. Pfeiffer: "As a result, we will be able to pay the interest on the shareholders' loans to build the new trade-fair center for the sixth year in a row."

Klaus Dittrich looks to the future with optimism: "We want to continue to grow at an above-average rate with trade fairs and congresses in Munich. The two new halls and the new conference center will definitely help us achieve that goal." At the same time, Messe München will continue to stimulate dynamic growth abroad and creatively promote ongoing digitalization.

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